Personal Data Agreement

Personal Data Agreement (GDPR)

Last Revised: October 12, 2018

This Personal Data Agreement becomes part of CoinScorer License Terms of Use effectively on 25th May 2018. By clicking a box indicating your acceptance in CoinScorer application or by registering on any part of websites, User agrees with this statement and gives Inventic s.r.o. (Public limited company) located at Julianovske namesti 3878/2, 63600 Brno, Czech Republic (in text below only Inventic) consent to handling his or her personal data as described below. User must be sure, he or she fully understands all parts of this agreement and accepts them, if not, User must not start using CoinScorer application or website in any way.

In case User represents a company or other legal entity, he or she declares to have the authority to bind the entity to this agreement. If User is not authorized to make such decision, he or she must not accept this agreement and may not use CoinScorer application or register on any part of websites.

This Personal Data Agreement defines, how Inventic collects, handles and stores data gathered from User. All data are treated in accordance with data protection legislation valid worldwide and with General Data Protection Regulation (EP 2016/679) known as GDPR.

Collected information During using any part of websites Inventic collects information such as IP address, user locale information, operating system used, browser used, date and time of website visit, number of visited sites, source and exit website and other common analytical data related to User’s activity on websites.

In order to use Trial version of CoinScorer application, the data collected about User includes his or her name, email address, IP address and locale information, machine code, license ID, date and time of any application start and import or export of a project. These informations are not collected in full version and gathering of this data serves only as protection against trial license overusing.

In case of Full version of CoinScorer application, the data collected about User including license ID, IP address and machine code are collected only in time of license activation or application upgrade for license checks purpose.

In case of purchase of CoinScorer license Inventic asks for additional information such as User’s company name, address, and VAT ID. During payment process User needs to enter his or her credit card number, Paypal or CoinGate account. This information is processed by authorized third party services and Inventic does not process them or collect them.

Application asks license application server on every start to check new version availability. During this connection sent data are operation system type (Windows/Linux/OSX), bittnes of OS (32/64bit) and version and user license ID to check if User has an access for new CoinScorer version.

Inventic doesn’t gather any information from User project model. These data are treated as strictly confidential and are never sent automatically from User. User can send a project intentionally, e.g. in case of fixing application error. In this case, Inventic uses the project only for development purposes and after resolving all data are immediately deleted.

Purpose of data collection Inventic collects all data to provide, improve and ensure the delivery of CoinScorer software, develop new features and personalize the way CoinScorer content is presented to User and ensure the content is presented in the most effective manner.

In case of Trial version User must be aware, Inventic needs to collect data about CoinScorer starts and other actions to control the usage of the application. Inventic needs to evaluate the usage because of e.g. providing User with extended trial version in case he or she haven’t tested the application properly during regular testing period or in case, the trial is overused and needs to be disabled to specific User.

Data related to license purchase are collected so Inventic can meet all standard accounting and tax laws.

Data related to new version check are collected for overview of application versions distribution.

Cookies During a visit of a part of websites, a cookie can be saved to User’s device. Cookie is a small text file which enables to recognize returning User. Cookies are used to improve experiences with CoinScorer and to better content targeting heading to User. If User doesn’t agree with using cookies on any part of websites, he or she must immediately stop using it.

Data usage Inventic may use User’s email address to contact him or her for administration reasons related to service or by newsletters to provide him or her information about work with CoinScorer, its updates, activities and discounts and in other justified reasons, e.g. about using his or her license.

Inventic uses data about trial and full license usage as User’s machine code, IP address and email address to analyze, if the license is being used in accordance with CoinScorer Terms and conditions. This data are automatically analyzed for purpose of license usage statistics.

Personal data about User’s activity on any part of are analyzed automatically and on their basis User can receive personalized newsletters tailored to his current actions. These newsletters are intended to improve User’s experience with CoinScorer application and are tailored to his or her actual needs.

Data handling and storing Inventic protects all collected data by using appropriate security technology, which is under regular maintenance and updates in order to be still up-to-date and correspond to current security worldwide trends.

All personal data collected by Inventic are treated as strictly confidential. They are never passed on to another subject outside of Inventic. All data handling and analyzing is being proceeded by competent employees well trained in the field of data protection and privacy.

Inventic doesn’t store any critical data like credit card numbers or payment accounts of User. For this purposes Inventic uses external BrainTree and Paypal services and usage of them depends only on User’s discretion. Inventic doesn’t accept any responsibility or liability for the privacy measures of these services and its use is at User’s own risk.

User’s rights under Data Protection Legislation User may ask Inventic to provide him or her with a copy of personal data keeping about him or her. In that case Inventic responds as soon as possible to get this demand into account and deliver it to User no later than in 30 days. User can also require to correct any mistake or update record about him or her or may ask to be removed from Inventic contact list not to receive any future emails. User may ask Inventic to be forgotten, in that case, Inventic erases all data that is possible to be deleted. However, User must be aware, Inventic still needs to keep data about his or her using of CoinScorer license. These data cannot be forgotten because of possible CoinScorer abuse and Inventic has a legal justification to continue to hold such data, because it is Inventic legitimate business interest to do so. Inventic keeps data like date and time of CoinScorer using, device machine code, IP address and email address of User.

If User believes, Inventic doesn’t handle his or her personal data in accordance with this Personal Data Agreement, the best way to proceed is to contact its employees. After this, if User is still not satisfied, he or she can complain to the DPC or exercise any of other rights according to Data Protection Legislation through DPC website at

Contact information User may send Inventic any question or request due to this Personal Data agreement to email [email protected]. Competent employee responds as soon as possible, but no later than in 7 business days.