Coinbase API keys

This short tutorial shows where and how to create API keys in Coinbase. Please follow this step-by-step tutorial to create new API keys.

Hint: See an article How to add exchange to CoinScorer for a detailed description of how to add these API keys to the application.

1) Log-in to Coinbase account

As first, log-in to your Coinbase account.

2) Configure Two-factor authentication

To be able to use API keys, it’s necessary to have enabled two-factor authentication. You can enable it in Settings - Security - Two-Factor Authentication.

Note: We recommand always to use two-factor authentication to protect your account.

3) Create API keys

To create API keys, select “API Access” in “Settings” page and click on “New API Key” button.

4) Configure API keys

Now configure permissions for the API key. For analyzing your trades allow only “Read” permission for all your Accounts.

In case you want to use your API key also for trading (entering new trades via your api key), add also “orders::create”, “sells::create”,”trades::create”. But never give “Withdraw” or “Transfer” permission to your API key.

You can also lock your API key only to your own IP address (you can get your address for example here: By this it is secured, that no one can access your account via API key from other IP address except yours.

After that confirm your new API key by pressing “Create” button.

5) Copy your API keys

Your API key is ready. Each API key consists of public key (labeled as “API Key”) and private key (labeled as “API Secret”).

Note: Secret key is displayed only once after creation. After you close this page you will never be able to see it again. In case you lost it you need to create new API key.

6a) Enter key to application wizard

Add both keys to CoinScorer welcome wizard where you can add one or more wallets or exchanges.

6b) Enter key to application

Alternatively you can also add these keys directly through “New Exchange/Wallet” dialog. To do that, choose “Add wallet”, select “Coinbase” wallet driver and enter both keys to Public and Private key edit fields.